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Everyday, we often adopt poor posture during activities like sleeping, sitting, or walking, which unknowingly causes stress and potential health problems. Yoga and meditation offer a powerful counterbalance, mitigating this damage and preventing issues from worsening. We’re delighted to introduce our team of exceptionally qualified trainers hailing from India, the land of yoga.

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Monthly Yoga Classes

Embark on a Yogic Voyage: Your Monthly Path to Peace and Vitality

Yoga Classes

Align Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Our Transformative Yoga Classes!

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a dynamic and vigorous style of yoga that incorporates elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and traditional yoga practices.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional and structured style of yoga that involves a specific sequence of postures (asanas) linked together in a flowing and dynamic manner.

Pranayam + Meditation

Pranayama and meditation are two important practices within the realm of yoga that focus on the breath and the mind, respectively.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a broad and foundational style of yoga that focuses on physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama).

How It Works

Book a Free trial

Try a trial class with our experienced yoga coaches and see how good you feel after a single class! (The calmness will surely motivate you to make yoga a part of your life :))

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Create an account, select a plan that suits you best and get, set, go!

Assess your fitness

With a questionnaire and an instructor led fitness assessment (depending on the plan you choose), test where you stand and how much room there is for improvement!

Get connected with a personal yoga coach

Based on your fitness level, choice of yoga type and convenient class timing our team will match you with a yoga coach who’ll be able to assist you best.

Take 1 on 1 Live Classes

Your yoga coach will tailor your classes to suit your fitness level, body type, fitness goals and any special condition to help you best. Classes will be conducted on the awakenirvana website, itself!

Workout whenever, wherever

You’re all set to a healthier life and a better mind!

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Yoga Classes

Find your yoga practice

Find Balance and Bliss: Embark on Your Yoga Adventure

Accessible Yoga for Every Budget

Namaste on a Budget: Embrace Yoga’s Benefits without Overspending

$ 20

For last minute
yoga plans
1 Class
Per Class $20
Instructor Assessment

$ 95

For those testing the waters
1 Week : 5 Classes
Per Class $19
Instructor Assessment
Reschedule : 1

$ 300

For the
dedicated cohort
4 weeks : 5 classes per week
Per Class $15
Instructor Assessment
Reschedule : 4

$ 170

Self Paced
10 Classes
Per Class $17
Book at your convienence
Book classes at a one day notice
Instructor Assessment
Reschedule : 0

Yoga for health conditions

Health issues can be managed well & even overcome doing yoga.



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